I find it so hard to talk about my self.  In fact I had a client mention to me the other day that on my about ME page it never mentioned my name at all.  She said it was all about my husband and children.  Well… I guess they are they ones who make me ME.  But I will try to correct that and let you know a little about myself.

Hi there!  I’m Misti Carlton and I live in Prim, Arkansas with my beautiful family (thank God they aren’t ugly right?)  So there is me, Misti 🙂  I’m married to Darren and our three children are Cade, Calyn and Caitrin.  They are getting way to big way to fast and it breaks my heart.  I honestly love being a photographer.  It’s fun, emotional and exciting all at the same time.  When I can create a lasting beautiful memory for a client like I have of my children or my family it makes my heart happy.  When I’m in the middle of a session and I see the bond between a mother and a baby and it literally brings tears to my eyes, or I cry with a mom over her story of the loss of a previous child… you know I LOVE my “job”.

We just celebrated our 20’th wedding anniversary this August 12’th.  I’m still shocked he has put up with me that long, but I’m so thankful that he has.  He was born and raised in Prim and I was raised in Dallas… so we have a little bit of a difference there.  I LOVE living in Arkansas though and in the country.  It is the best place to raise a family.  We live on a farm.  We raise… well living in Prim that’s a dead give away, we raise chickens.  I really should say HE raises chickens.  I really have nothing to do with them at all.  But it’s neat to say we own a chicken farm.

I started my studio in my home over 11 years ago.  Within 6 months it grew into a full fledged business and within one year I had to hire an employee and by 1.5 years I had two full time employees plus me.  After three years of that in my house (talk about crazy)  we built our Prim studio.  I LOVE my Prim studio. Darren let me custom design it however I wanted… well he did give me a budget which I hated, but I stuck to it, and I LOVE my studio.  It’s perfect, beautiful and so much fun!  Then he decided I didn’t have enough to do with a studio and three kids he thought I needed another studio… so along came our Conway location.  I love being in Conway as well.  The people there are awesome and it gets me into “town” twice a week!

We homeschool our three children so often times when you are in the studio you will see Calyn, our middle child.  She is a huge, super duper helper.  I even have mom’s request her to be there!  She adores babies and kids and is awesome with them.  She is 14 and wants to work with children with special needs when she grows up… but I’m trying to slow down the growing up process… it’s not working so far 🙁  Cade is my handy man.  He helps build sets for me and does odd jobs for me.  He turned 16 this year and is driving everywhere.  He is still alive and I’m proud of that fact.  I still get nervous when he goes out.  I don’t know why he won’t let me go with him all the time. I’m cool, fun and hip.  He should want to take me with him really.   You won’t see him often unless a cute senior girl happens to be in the studio, then he magically appears.  It’s amazing.  Then there is Caitrin… we call her Caity Brit.  She is our baby and I guess we really treat her that way.  I can’t stand the fact that she is going to be 12 in January.  She isn’t around clients that often either. She would rather be out playing than be in the studio working.

I’m very proud of my family and can’t wait for you to meet them all and to meet you!

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