New Mom Reveals The Secret To Stopping Time!

And She’s Here To Share it With You!

 “We have trusted Misti with our 3 year old son, Alex, and his pictures since he was born. If you have a newborn, you should really consider taking your baby in regularly, she can do an incredible collage showing how your little one grows up. Misti is incredible with children, an incredible photographer. Her themed or seasonal pictures are excellent too! I recommend her highly! You have forever stopped time for me… and I am so grateful!”
Neil and Jessi, Clinton AR

From the desk of Misti Carlton, owner of Capture That Photography

Dear Proud Parent:
If you’ve landed here the chances are good that you have a new baby in the house — or maybe you’re expecting. Congratulations! I want to share how you, too, can stop time and always remember your baby’s precious first year. (And, if you ARE expecting read on for a great deal on a maternity session!)
You already know how very special your new baby is. And — if you’re like me when my son was born — you’re probably amazed at EVERYTHING. The smallness, the perfection, the overwhelming emotion that being a new parent brings.
And, you’ve probably already noticed that time, in baby land, moves at a different pace
and all too quickly.
Every day there are new “firsts,” magic moments and little discoveries. Imagine it’s 1 month, 6 months, even a year from now. How much more will your child change?
If only you could bottle all these tender, exquisite moments!
We’re here to tell you that you CAN hold onto the moments  that touch your heart! Moments like these –
How important will it be TO YOU to capture all the amazing milestone moments in your baby’s all-important first year?
You’ll see your baby grow from the precious innocence of a newborn to the charming, active 12 month old (and everything in between). So, let me ask you a question — would you love portraits of your child that are so real and so perfect that you’ll forever remember that new baby perfection every time you see them? Portraits that you will be so proud to show everyone because you know they will be amazed by them? And downright envious that you found us first?


Read on because I don’t want you to lose ONE MOMENT MORE!

Welcome to Your Baby’s First Year Timeless Portrait Series

In this exclusive series, we photograph your baby at the ages of newborn, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months.  If your baby is already past the newborn stage and you are just now finding us… that is okay too.  We can do 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months as well.  We want to help you Capture this special time in your babies life.

With this Exclusive Series you get:


Here’s the Deal!

Right Now Our Baby’s First Year Series is Available to You
for a Limited Time for the Promotional Price of

JUST $299

That’s over 80% off our retail price!

Sound crazy? We offer such a deep discount for a reason — READ ON!
For JUST $39, you’ll receive all 4  portrait sessions, all 4  review sessions,
the best photography anywhere, everything else that we just listed, in addition to
service that will amaze you and a year of baby photography that you will never forget!
But only if you act fast!

Why Sign Up Now?

The Drawback? There HAS
to be One, Right?!

Well, there is sort of a drawback. You’re going to need to invest a little of your time over the next year. We usually allow a minimum of an hour for each photo session (more for a newborn) AND each review session. That’s a MINIMUM of 8 hours (10 hours or more if you add the newborn session) that you’re going to need to invest over the next year. All of our moms think it’s the best investment they’ve ever made in the life of their babies — folks like Lynn (see testimonial below), but you need to know this up front — because we all know how busy everyone is, especially with a new baby.

“When I found out that I was expecting my first child I knew we had to find a GREAT family photographer that would capture all of our precious moments for years to come. Capture That was everything we hoped for and more! Misti is AWESOME with my girls…she always manages to get the perfect picture even when my girls are at their worst! Darren is AWESOME too…he always makes the decision process a breeze! We’ve enjoyed all of our experiences at Capture That and look forward to capturing some new ones soon!”
Lynne, Batesville AR

I Have to Tell you — What We say is One Thing,
but What our Clients Say Is EVERYTHING.

So, Check out What Just a Few of Our Clients Had to Say About Us –

Dear Misti, Our photo shoot was just wonderful. My precious toddler and your artistic gift were a magic combination. She loved “playing” in your amazing studio. I loved watching you “Capture That”. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Melody and Georgi
Dr. Melody Moody, Batesville AR


Capture That Photography has created some amazing photographic memories for our family. The first year of our older son’s life is documented so beautifully and now we are doing the same with our newborn son. Misti works so well with our kids and has such a creative mind. She miraculously got our 2 year old to smile normally and sit still for some great photos. I cannot imagine any more perfect images. We love Capture That!
Jeremy and Leigh Cox, Conway AR


We had such a blast! Best experience ever while taking pictures…. Everything was smooth and fun and I am so glad we got to have a great experience with such great professional people! I I cant wait to see the pictures and meet up with you again! Thanks bunches
Grady & Rani Rakestraw, Conway AR



OK, You Must Be Thinking — If We’re So Good at What We Do Why Would We Need to Offer
Such a Great Deal?

We’re Practically Giving This Away

Good question! Read on for the Answer…

What IS in it for Us?

I’m going to give you one GREAT reason why this is also a great deal for us. First, understand that we get over 70% of our new clients from referrals from current clients. But, if you run a business or if you know someone who does, you know that you can never count on just one source for new clients.

So here’s what’s in it for us

We believe that if we offer you a deal that you can’t refuse that you’ll become a client for life.

That’s why we’re willing to almost give away a GREAT introductory product at such a low price. We want you to try us out. We want the opportunity to convince you that we are the absolute best photography studio you could possibly choose for your child. We believe that you’ll love the experience with us and love what we do for you so much that you’ll not only become a client for life, but you’ll also tell all your friends and family members about us.

That’s what’s in it for us. And we think that’s a pretty good deal all around.


Warning — If You’re Still Skeptical…

You know what? I wish I had a nickel for every time a new product or business didn’t do what it said it would do. Yup, I guess I’m as skeptical as anyone when it comes to trying new things. And I’d be even more skeptical about bringing my newborn baby someplace that I had never heard of.

But let me give you a little more information to help you understand that you just can’t go wrong.

You have EVERYTHING to gain with NO risk!

Read on for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m still pregnant, my baby hasn’t been born yet. Should I call now or wait?
A. Don’t Wait! Sign up right away — at the very least we’ll make sure that we reserve a spot for you in the month that you’re due. And, if you’re interested in maternity portraits we’ve got a great deal for you!

Q. My baby was just born. How old should he/she be before I call?
A. Don’t Wait! We LOVE for you to call before the baby is 2 weeks old because we want to see them when they are as little as possible! You WANT this newborn session, trust me on this! You want to capture your baby when they are tiniest and oh-so-new. This stage lasts such a short time and is SOOOO precious!

Q. Oops, my baby’s already over 3 months old. Am I too late?
A. As long as your baby is 6 months of age or younger you’re NEVER too late! We can always do a modified version of the series. And if your baby is over 6 months old we have some great Kids Plans to share with you. It’s NEVER too late to pick up the phone and call us!

Q. Have you been doing this for a while? I want to know that you’ll be around for the entire year.
A. I’ve been photographing for over 11 years and we plan to be around for a long, long time. I have photographed literally thousands of babies and children over the years and plan to keep doing it for many more — it’s what I was meant to do!

Q. What should I bring for my baby to wear?
A. Short answer — when you sign up we send you our Baby’s First Year Guidebook. This booklet is loaded with information on all the different sessions throughout the year. It gives suggestions on what to bring and what to wear to each one. We get comments all the time on this book — people love it and find that it’s a real help.

Q. I hate to even say it but I haven’t lost my baby weight yet — heck it’s only been a couple of weeks. I really don’t want my picture taken right now in the newborn session.
A. We hear this a lot (from moms & dads!) but we’ve got you covered on this one. This is one of the reasons why I photograph newborn sessions with a dark background and why we ask our moms and dads to wear black, long sleeve tops. Dark can hide a lot! We’re also experts at both photographing to slim you and (digitally) shaving off a few pounds when necessary; we can even eliminate double chins (no kidding). There’s just no reason NOT to want this priceless heirloom portrait — no one has EVER regretted it! And honestly, if you really, really, really don’t want your picture taken we can always opt to just take photos of the baby.

Q. What if my baby fusses?
A. This is a trick question, right? Because almost all babies fuss from time to time. For newborns, because they are unpredictable, we schedule plenty of time — to feed and comfort the baby if necessary. For babies 3 months and older, if they are well and fed have a clean diaper that goes a long way. If none of that helps, we have other tricks up our sleeves. And, if all else fails we will just reschedule. It’s certainly not anyone’s first choice but isn’t it nice to know that if your child is having an ‘off’ day you don’t need to worry about it?

Q. How many poses do you take?
A. We take as many as necessary depending on the session to give you what you truly deserve — incredible photographs! You will always have more than enough to choose from. In fact, I almost ALWAYS hear that there were too many good images… which I think is a great problem to have!

Q. My baby’s a preemie.
A. We have a lot of preemie’s come into the studio. I’ve had a lot of experience since opening our studio over 8 years ago. If your baby was early we’ll try to get the newborn session in as soon as we can and then we adjust his or her milestone sessions by the original due date. For instance, if your baby was 4 weeks early we’ll target the 3 month session at 4 months, the 6 month session at 7 months, etc.

Q. I have twins (or triplets). Can you photograph them? Can I get pictures of them together?
A. Yes, yes & yes! We love multiples. We do everything we can to move things along as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have photographed hundreds of multiples and we have a system. We always work to get great photographs of each baby separately and the babies together. Our clients are usually amazed that things go as smoothly as they do. And, we offer portrait packages that we’ve created especially for you!

Q. My baby has baby acne. Should I wait?
A. Another trick question, right? No! Don’t wait to sign up! Almost all babies — because they have such sensitive skin — have some kind of skin problem going on and we never know when it will clear up (usually quickly, but there’s no way to tell). And besides, we offer expert retouching on any purchased portraits — any skin problems can virtually be eliminated.

Q. My baby has special needs. Are you equipped to handle us?
A. We have photographed many, many babies with special needs. We NEVER force a baby to do anything that he or she is not capable of, or should not be doing. We can always adjust, eliminate or substitute a pose to accommodate the special needs of any baby.

Q. Do you offer black and white photography?
A. We photograph in color but we can convert any color image to black and white or any duo tone, such as sepia.

Q. What kind of products do you offer? Anything unique? I really like new and different.
A. We are literally on the cutting edge when it comes to our product offerings. Whether you are interested in gift sized portraits, wall portraits, desk pieces or albums, something for you or something to give away as a gift, we have something for you. Everything from desk folios and parent brag books to custom wall collages, gallery wrapped canvases, digital effects such as fairy dust and selective coloring, custom framing, baby albums, multimedia slideshows, custom birth announcements and holiday cards and coffee table artbooks just to name a few of our many products. You’ll see a number of samples in our studio and we’ll be able to show you almost anything you may want to see with your specific images at your viewing session with our state-of-the-art projection system.

We’ve included, below a sample of one of our famous coffee table artbooks. The artbook is one of our signature pieces and available as part of a number of packages. No two are alike, because no two babies are alike! We combine the images from your sessions with our design skills for the the perfect way to remember your baby’s first year. This is storytelling as unique as you and your child.


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Q. When are you open?
A. We have two different studios, and not matter which studio you are closer to you will always get me as your photographer… so I have to pick my days I am at each studio. I am at our Prim location on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am in our Conway studio on Tuesday and Thursday. If you need a special day at a certain studio please call and talk to me… there are times I can wiggle my schedule.  We often photograph newborn and maternity photo sessions and many viewing sessions “after hours” so if your or your partner’s schedule is a difficult one we’ll do everything we can to work with you.

Q. Do I have to purchase anything else?
A. We have no minimums. Our goal is to create beautiful portraits that you will cherish for years to come…how much you choose to invest in those memories is up to you.

Q. How much are your packages?
A. We have lots of options, too numerous to list here in their entirety. Generally speaking, we find that our clients who are looking for single portraits or just a couple of portraits will spend approximately $45-$200 per session. Those who are looking for more portraits and multiple poses may spend approximately $200-$300 per session. Those looking for items such as photo albums or custom wall pieces may spend $300-$500 dollars per session. Some spend more and some spend less — needs and budgets are different which is why we have a lot of options to choose from. At the end of your first session, we’ll give you our portrait selection guide which contains all of our packages and pricing so you know exactly what to expect when you return to view your images. We believe we have something for everyone who appreciates fine portraiture.

We also offer hassle-free, no-interest financing. This is HUGE for many of our clients — select the images you like, we’ll help you find the package that’s best for you and then we’ll craft a payment plan that will fit your budget. It’s not a layaway, take your pictures home and pay over time. How cool is that?

Q. Are you really a private studio? I want to know that I’m not going to be just a number.
A. We are not a chain, we are not a large corporation. We are a private, family-run studio and we get to personally know every person who joins our studio family. We take enormous pride in our business and we are at the studio every day with our hands in every aspect of our business, making sure that our clients are well taken care of. We’re as fussy about the experience you’ll have with us as we are about the finished product. You will never be a number to us — that we can guarantee you!

Q. I’m pretty convinced but my husband isn’t…yet
A. Ok, we know that moms & dads make buying decisions differently. We CAN tell you that we have hundreds of dads who have decided, once they joined our family, that it was the best thing they ever did. Read below what one fellow dad had to say…

“I have to say that I was skeptical at first but once I saw the images Gail was able to create I was sold. I watch the DVDs over and over again. This is one of the best investments we have ever made!”

David Jones, Conway AR


Q. What if I’m not happy?
A. Check out our iron-clad, no-fuss 100% guarantee —


Simply stated, you must be absolutely thrilled with the portraits we create for you and your family! Love them, or — you’ll get every penny back. So you see, there is absolutely NO risk to you. You have NOTHING to lose!




For JUST $299

That’s over 80% off our retail price!

You’ll Receive:

Bonus Offer You Should Not Miss!

If you act super fast and are one of the first 5 sign-ups this month,
you’ll receive an add-on bonus absolutely FREE!

12 personalized fineart notecards valued at $55 —
Perfect for birth announcements, christening thank
you’s, love notes, you name it!

Maternity Bonus!

I mentioned at the beginning of the letter that we’d have a bonus for you if you are still expecting. Well, here it is! If your baby has not been born yet and you are interested in a maternity session, we will add that session to your baby plan for more than half off! Just click that option when you place your order and we’ll get you scheduled for that session somewhere between your 7th and 8th month, if possible.

OK Misti — I’m Interested!
What’s the Next Step?


If You’d Rather Talk To Us Directly

Via Phone (Monday through Friday 10am — 5pm): 870-213-8413
Via Email (anytime):

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Do What Most People Do,
DO NOT Put This Off Until Tomorrow!

I would NOT procrastinate on this. We always get a good response and we always book every available slot every month. So don’t delay!
If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking with me. I truly hope you can be part of our studio family. I’d love to have the opportunity to share this first year with you and preserve your family memories!
Misti Carlton


P.S. Remember, most people will put this letter aside and “get back to it later.” Please, don’t let this be you!
There’s nothing wrong, and everything right, with having portraits that will give you the opportunity to brag about your gorgeous children every chance you get! What parent doesn’t LOVE to talk about their children??!
Don’t forget — the Baby Plan is just $39. You won’t regret it — we guarantee it!

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