Why Us

Why Us


It’s not the camera that sees into the soul of a subject…

I read a cartoon the other day… It was a lady telling a Chef that his dinner was delicious. She said “You must have great pots and pans” I had to laugh. We all know it is his ability to use those pots and pans to make such a great meal. That is similar to my job. Anyone can own a “professional” camera now days… it takes a true professional to know how to use it. If the camera was the only requirement we had to have to be a professional photographer they everyone would be one. I’ve attended school, classes and seminars in order to learn more about my trade and to do the best job possible.

It’s my job to make everything come together and when that happens, there can be nothing less than magic. You might say I’m a magician by trade. So why choose us? Well, if magic isn’t quite enough here’s some summary points for you –


We specialize in baby, children and family photography.  And, because we specialize, everything in our studio – from initial contact to our studio environment and our approach in the studio is geared for children and their parents. We are a fun, kid-friendly place to be.


We will work with you to create an experience and memories that you will treasure.Family moments are hard to come by these days, we’re all so busy. Capturing a memory of that moment is even rarer and capturing a memory that you’ll treasure forever in a photograph is truly priceless. When I look at my portraits of my children on the wall… I don’t just look at them and remember how they looked at that age or stage. I look at that portrait and I remember that day. I remember combing their hair. Picking out their clothes and laughing when they tried to pick out their own. I remember the hugs they gave me that morning. I remember it all. That is Capture That Photography’s goal… helping you remember.


Yes, we do know how to use all that fancy equipment. We’re an award winning studio with 8 years experience. We stay on the cutting edge with our technology and our techniques by scrupulously maintaining and upgrading our equipment and by partnering with some of the best photographers and associations in the country.


A no risk guarantee. We want happy clients. Love what we do or get every penny back. Simple.


Lots of happy customers. What we say is one thing but what our customers say is EVERYTHING! For LOTS of testimonials, visit our Raves section.


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